The Best Fishing Lights was started in 2012 and stems from a 70yr family fishing and tackle company with years of experience in the art of fishing and the tackle that's used. We started seeing a growing use for portable fishing lights. I found myself needing a light for bait attraction more a more.  There was a lot of time spent trying to find a quality (Bright) light that was reasonably priced. Unfortunately this search ended with the realization that this did not exist and the lights that did were overly priced for the effective amount of light produced. This is when our adventure started. The 900Dlx was the Flagship of our lights in 2012 and evolved into the 450Dlx in 2014.  In 2015 we introduced the Stinger Drop Light and discontinued the 900/450Dlx. Since then we have developed a new line of Hull Lighting for the fishing and sport industry. We hope to continue improving our designs and creating new innovative ways of using lights to improve our night fishing and recreational adventures.