Triple 150w Underwater LED Boat Light set TB11

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The TB11 is a Monster when it comes to Underwater Boat Lights!!


  • ·      Industries leading Low profile footprint of only 2in x 3/4in x 11in . This light has the ability to be mounted in the most extreme locations.
  • ·      Using a Hydrodynamic design for displacing water along the impact zones
  • ·      UV High Impact Marine Optically Clear shear coating to insure longevity
  • ·      No Screw mounting to protect you from the Dangerous and Destructive etching of stainless to other metals. (No Worries on Aluminum Hulls!! )
  • ·      5 Dangerously Bright High Output LEDs in each light bar
  • ·      Produces a staggering 8000 lumen beam of light. This is actual light produced by each light bar and not the individual led manufactures specs.



   TB11 Lights are designed for trailered boats but, with proper maintenance you can mount them on seasonal slip boats and lift boats. You just need to use a dock maintenance program for underwater lighting. The optimal care includes cleaning regularly to keep the focal clean of growth. Run your light for a minimum of 3hrs once every 3 days to prevent most growth. All marine underwater lights will fail if they are covered in growth due to over heating the lens area. All lights (especially high powered lights) produce UV heat and need a clear lens to allow this to pass. Temperatures can reach 400+ deg F on the lens if the lens is dirty. This plays havoc on resins, rubber seals and most materials used for constructing Underwater LED lights. The consistent heating and cooling will cause a vacumm in the voids inside the light and eventually will cause light failure.  The TB Series lights are designed with a solid core that prevents this but, even our extreme coatings eventually take a beating from poor care.


  • 12v
  • IP9x
  • Thermal Protection
  • 10,000 lumen flood/
  • 18,000 lumen at center
  • UV High Impact Coating/ Anti Foul paintable(cover focals)
  • 11in x 2in x 3/4in
  • 6’ Marine Power Leads