Cold Water "Ice Fishing"

 Ice Fishing Led Fishing Lights
These lights are specifically designed for use in cold water below 60 degrees. With an increased power rating these are by far the brightest fishing lights available.

We set each LED to it’s most effecient voltage one on one. This allows us to ensure that each LED is running at optimal performance!



Don’t be fooled buy the price and simplicity of the these lights. We considered there primary function and use to land on this simple and effective design. Using standard Marine components that are known to survive the harsh enviroments and the abuse that mobile marine underwater lighting has to endure. You will not find a tougher or Brighter underwater light!



This is an amazingly tuff light design along with a Bullet proof Warranty program to insure that you never have to worry . Built with a one hole 2 wire installation to keep things super simple and super tuff. 







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