GREEN Marine Underwater LED Transom Hull Boat Lights 12v Low Profile

The Best Fishing Lights



          Green has long been hailed as the best color for fishing lights. What I don’t really see much of is manufactures explaining why? It’s all over the internet that green attracts plankton which is one of the first stages of the food chain. Although there’s not much more of an explanation than that? So let me fill in some of the blanks. First let’s look at what colors are needed to create green.. Yellow and Blue right? OK, so if we break it down then we can see that the reason this color works isn’t just because of the green. If you have read on our site you probably ran across the areas where I mentioned that the blue spectrum is the main light color that predator fish use to see. As water gets deep there are light colors from the sun that cannot penetrate and so you start to lose colors (read about color loss at depth). The color that reaches the deepest is blue and so fish over time have developed around the blue spectrum. So with that said a green light helps predator fish see. So what about the yellow? Let’s take a look,, If you have read about light loss at depth then you will find out that yellow is one of the first colors to go. So why is yellow important? Yellow and orange are the main colors used by plankton to digest food and to generate energy. Have you ever wondered why it’s best to fish at sunrise and sunset? Hmm,, that’s right! That’s when these colors are at there strongest! This means that plankton rise to the surface and all the fish in the ocean know this so they are waiting to take advantage of the food chain.

Since the green light has a strong yellow it draws the phytoplankton and starts the food chain. The bait fish also know that yellow light is where food is and so they will check it out and so forth and so on. Using lights for fishing sucessfully requires knowing a little bit about how and why they work. I wrote this to just give you some basics and steer you in the right direction. I hope you found some of this useful and here’s to tight lines!



  • 12v
  • 10,000 Lumen  11"x 2"x 7/8"
  • 8,000 Lumen  8-1/2"x 2"x 7/8"
  • 6,000 Lumen 6"x 2"x 7/8"
  • UV High Impact
  • 6ft Power Leads
  • 3yr No Questions asked Replacement Warranty
  • Low Profile design

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