Amber 8K Lumen Marine LED Underwater Hull Light set

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$175.00 $249.00

UnderWater LED Marine Boat LightsWe know that boat owners searching for lights are looking for the brightest lights they can get. This entire company was started in 2012 because no matter where you looked the lights available were OVER PRICED and not much brighter than a Walmart flashlight. It was frustrating at best trying to find a decent light that was super bright and didn't break the bank! 


We didn't start out with the lights you see today. We have improved them more than 25 times over the last 7yrs. We still believe that durability and lumen output are the 2 most important factors when it comes to underwater LED boat lights. We also believe that when you purchase a product you should feel safe with that purchase. We live in a world where it has become far to important to mislead and to over exaggerate a products ability in order to get a sale. Our lumen output is very modest. We would rather you get that WOW effect on your first impression!
We also stand behind our product and we support our customers. All of our lights have a 3yr No Questions asked replacment warranty regardless of reason.

The Best Fishing Lights can Guarantee that you will get biggest bang for your buck and you will not find a better built light or a brighter set of underwater boat lights. 



TB8 Series lights are packed full of power with a slightly smaller footprint than the TB11. Making these a great choice for limited space installations that still require extreme light output. Super versatile lighting for those who need water penetrating lights. 


  • 12v
  • 8.5in x 2in x 7/8in
  • UV High Impact
  • 3 indépendant Waterproof Layers
  • Anti-Foul Paintable (Slip Boats require extreme maintenance regardless of light brand)
  • 6ft Power Lead
  • 3yr replacement Warranty
  • Low Profile Design

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