Deep Blue 10k Lumen Underwater LED High Powered Marine Transom Hull Boat Lights

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$199.50 $349.00

The TB11 is a power house of light. Boasting 10,000 actual lumens of output. Guaranteed to get noticed from the penetrating glow around your boat. Suitable for midsize to large boats. 



  • 12v-14.4v ( alternator safe )
  • TB11/10,000 Lumen
  • TB8/8,000 Lumen
  • TB6/6,000 Lumen
  • UV High Impact solid core
  • 6ft Power Leads
  • 3 independent Waterproof layers
  • 3yr No Questions asked Replacement Warranty
  • 11in x 2in x 7/8in
  • Low Profile design

Each Low Profile Light bar is made up of separate 10w LEDs that are spaced evenly for light distribution across the horizontal plane creating a flood of surface light in the water. Each Led is rate from 600-1100 Lumen each depending on the color. The TB Series light bars range from 1800-5500 manufacture rated lumen output per light bar and 3600-11,000 Lumen per set. 



 Our Deep Blue LED light bars come in several sizes. Using a light spectrum of 460-480nm these lights create a deep blue color with the added UV spectrum. The deep royal blue is great for lighting up lures and giving the predator fish an advantage by increasing there vision. What you can expect to see when using the 460nm spectrum is a very active UV effect when up on plane. Due to the blue not being a highly visible color for us(humans) we can’t see the actual light as well as other colors. You can rest assured that the light is there and it’s doing it’s job. If your looking for visual effects as well as the angler advantages then I'd suggest you check these out.


As you can see in the picture the 460nm blue is incredibly difficult to film due to the camera being able to see the light with it’s sensor and flooding the image. This is a great example of what we cannot see.   


 If your on the hunt for blue lights to produce a visual effect behind the boat for recreational swimming etc.. I would recomend that you look at mixed bars that include the 35,000 kelvin + the 460nm led. This combo will create a stuning electric blue and will give you the best of both worlds. 


Blue Transom Lights add a UV spectrum to the area so you can count on getting that crazy glow effect while boarding!


 For those that like to head out for overnight trips and need an extra edge on hooking up. The TB Series penetrates the water to accent any neon or UV reactive lure.  












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