BLUE 10,000 Lumen Transom Light Bar Set Color: Blue

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Wake Boarding at night is fast becoming a night time boating activity. 

Blue Transom Lights add a UV spectrum to the area so you can count on getting that crazy glow effect while boarding!


 For those that like to head out for overnight trips and need an extra edge on hooking up. The TB Series penetrates the water to accent any neon or UV reactive lure.  


The TB11 is a power house of light. Boasting 10,000 actual lumens of output. Guaranteed to get noticed from the penetrating glow around your boat. Suitable for midsize to large boats. 







  • 12v
  • 10,000 Lumen
  • UV High Impact
  • 6ft Power Leads
  • 3 independent Waterproof layers
  • 3yr Replacement Warranty
  • 11in x 2in x 7/8in
  • Low Profile design