Marine LED 6K Lumen Tb5 UnderWater Boat Lights:Warm White

The Best Fishing Lights


The TB5  Series lights are High Output lights for small spaces. Designed for those who want maximum light with a small footprint. TB5 lights are great for PWC's and smaller boat sizes. They have an ultra low power usage level for the amount of light created. The TB5 Marine LED boat lights are the light of choice when mounting multiple colors.



  • 12v
  • 5in x 2in x 7/8in
  • UV Non-Yellowing
  • 3x Layering Solid Core Construction
  • Anti-Foul Paintable 
  • 6ft Power Lead
  • 3K lumen Light Bar x2
  • Anti Corrosive ( No exposed  metals to oxides )



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