Stinger The #1 Portable Drop Fishing Light

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 We are the original LED strip light wrapped around a tube #1 light builder on Ebay. The Best Fishing Lights 450DLX Drop light ranked #1 for over 2yrs. It didn't take long for the community to start offering similar models. The design was simple but effective. In 2017 we introduced the Stinger and since then have not looked back. With a light output that more than doubles the amount offered by any other drop light on the market. The Stinger will penetrate even murky water to start attracting bait and predator fish that are near by. It has a compact design that lets you store the stinger LED drop fishing light in your tackle box. 

The Stinger LED Fishing Light puts serious light where you need it!!!

  • 12v
  • Staggering 5K Lumen
  • 18' Heavy Duty Power Cord
  • Float for Adjusting Depth
  • 50A  Alligator Clips

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