Electric Blue Underwater LED Light Puck 30000K Waterproof 12v 13k lumen PAIR!

The Best Fishing Lights


PAIR of Puck Lights 50w ea.

We use the highest quality LED arrays to insure solid even light output across the board!

20,000k-30,000k- This high of a kelvin rating is well into the UV spectrum in terms of color temperature. In some instances, 20000k-30000k rated lights are utilized on vehicles when and where ultra-violet lighting is needed and there is a need to have visible white light to increase overall visibility.

  • 12v   (10.5-14.5)
  • 18" inch marine tinned power lead
  • 3"in x 3"in
  • 13K Lumen output
  • .25" inch Polycarbonate Lens 
  • 2x Spec Anodized Solid Aluminum Body
  • Installation kit( Color Matched Sealant) 3 Sizes @1pc Adhesive Heat Shrink
  • Installation kit could differ from image depending on # of Lights
  • 3yr No Questions asked Warranty 
  • Thermal over heating protection prevents run away heat.