Full Spectrum Waterproof Underwater LED Boat Lights Marine 26k Lumen Pair

The Best Fishing Lights


Our answer for High Power Light output and Durability
  • 26,000 Lumen Pair
  • 12v-14.4v
  • 2 Wire Hookup ( No LED Drivers needed )
  • 1/4" THICK! High Impact Polycarbonate Lens. Will not Yellow or shrink like resin cast Lens. 
  • Solid Anodized Body 
  • Thermal protection ( For safe operation on plane )
  • 18" Power Lead
  • No Screw installation ( watch video
  • Automatically reduces amp draw as battery runs down for longer run times
  • 3yr No Questions asked Warranty
  • Installation Kit includes color matched mounting sealant w/adhesive waterproofing heat shrink tubing to insure water tight professional finish.


 Full Spectrum lights are some of the best overall lights for appearance and color when you are looking to make a statement and still want to get the ability to attract bait and predator fish.